Creative Conversation Cards

Our brain is made up of thousands of memory banks, storing 100’s of thousand experiences. Some memories are surface, others are buried deep in our subconscious.

Children learn through play, colours, imagination, touch but as we grow, we are told that, “the world doesn’t work that way!” We are discouraged from being creative, to think in abstracts, except of course when we are sat around a corporate table and ‘Blue Sky’ thinking is introduced. Often the only colour in the room that is vibrant and even this has a grey cloud to spoil the sunlight.

Instead of creative thinking we become linear in our decision making, analysis, communication and views of the world and other people. The creative side of our brain is suppressed in favour of the right-hand side, the logical, functional, methodical, fact driven side.

Creative Conversation Cards and practices reignites the creative side of our brain to view the world we thought we knew in a more creative way. Logical thoughts become random! Rational, holistic. Objective, subjective. Ordered perception to spatial perception. Our word and language are viewed as symbols and images. The images unlock the creative side of the brain, complementing the academic side and so assisting in greater potential for individuals, groups and organisations to think differently to what they have been conditioned to so.        

There are numerous ways in which you can use these cards and we would encourage you to allow your creativity to flourish when using them. The following is only a guide and you can discover your own ways to share and use them.

Our Unlocking Potential team welcome communications regarding the use of the cards and any results that you have from using them so that we can share with the growing number pf practitioners using them.

Who are they for?

Trainers           Therapists       Managers        Coaches           Supervisors           Mediators        Teachers           Community Workers            

          Counsellors         Social Workers         Restorative Practitioners         Youth Workers                Mental Health Professionals

How can they be used?

These are some of the ways the cards have been used to date

Training and development

Team development

Individual work with client or client group

Developing communication


Group discussions

Conflict resolution

Reflective practice

Couples counselling etc