Family Group Conference Co-ordinator Skills

Family Group Conference Co-ordinator Skills

*Accreditation in Family Group Conference Co-ordinator Skills

Next course will be held in October 2017 in Telford. For further details please email


This 3 day course is designed to challenge the learner and practitioner at all levels of their personal and professional development. A balanced mix of theory, practice and reflection is used to meet the course objectives which are:

To understand the ethos, values and processes

To develop a working knowledge of FGCs, including understanding the skills in preparing for the FGC

To recognise the complexities of family led decision-making and learn skills in prepare and manage family groups

Recognise and deal effectively with the complexities and conflicts in families

To understand the role of other professionals in the meeting

To understand the importance and support needed  to ensure children/Young Person’s participation in the process

Course content: Understanding of Family Group Conference (the history, philosophy and theory), Understanding Family systems and dynamics, Developing good practice standards, working with resistance, preparation, changing establishment ethos, introducing the concept into practice and the skills to facilitate conferences.

Costs: £450

Costs include; A training manual (65 pages), handouts, tutorials and accreditation.

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*Accreditation is provided by Open College Network. A nationally recognised adult education organisation. The qualification is at level 2, 6 credits and is recognised in all European countries. Credits can be used and transferred to related higher eduction courses.