Family Group Conferences

Family Group Conference Co-ordinators Course (Accredited or non-accredited)

This FGC course has been running for over 10 years and is our most established programme. The first accredited course in FGC to run in the UK and Ireland it has become known for keeping to the true spirit and values of this process.

This course will cover:

The value, ethos and philosophy of Family Group Conference

Develop a working knowledge of FGCs

Preparing for and setting up a FGC

Managing the meeting and the process that follows;

Recognising the complexities of family led decision-making

Managing the complexities and conflicts in families

Understanding the role of other professionals in the meeting

Understanding the issues involved in supporting children’s participation

Participants are required to have a basic knowledge of the FGC model and child welfare.

Length of training: Five or three days

Course Content: Understanding Family Group Conference in the context of youth offending, the history, philosophy, changing establishment ethos, family dynamics, group work skills, introducing the concept into practice and the skills to facilitate conferences.

Materials include:

A training manual and support for the first conference