Family Justice Review recommends FGC

15 August 2013

NetCare are delighted with the Family Justice Review report recommendations that “the benefits of family group conferences should be more widely recognised and their use should be considered before proceedings.”

What has confused us however was the Review went on to say, “more research is needed on how they can best be used, their benefits and costs”. Jim McGrath, Director of NetCare has consistently argued that the Family Group Conference process has been the most widely researched and evaluated process in Child Welfare over the past 15 years in the UK. Further more all research and evaluations have been consistent in their outcomes which state that they are much more beneficial than many other approaches used in children services, the family plans are more protective, there are fewer Looked After Children when used consistently within LA's and cases close quicker when families take part in  an FGC. 


The good news however is that we are one step closer to having FGC recognised nationally as a right for families not just a bolt on.