Foundation in Mediation Skills


This course provides an opportunity for participants to acquire basic skills in mediation and to assist others in the resolution of conflict. Participants will gain an understanding of the mediation process and develop the confidence to perform as a mediator in a two-person dispute.


  • Understand the mediation processes
  • Recognise core values in mediation and conflict intervention
  • Develop analytical skills for assessing conflict situations
  • Recognise cases suitable for mediation
  • Develop appropriate skills for intervening in conflict

Who is the course for?

This course is suitable for those working with people and who have an experience of dealing with conflict on a daily basis. It is suitable for FGC Co-ordinators, RJ Facilitators, Social Workers, Community Workers, individuals with HR responsibilities, teachers, development workers, supervisors, those who interface with the public, line managers in the workplace, Police and Union reps.


This course is available over six days. To receive OCN accreditation at Level Two, participants will engage in skills practice and complete a learning portfolio.