Foundation in Mediation and Negotiation Skills – Accredited

This course provides an opportunity for participants to acquire basic skills in mediation and to assist others in the resolution of conflict. Participants will gain knowledge and understanding of the mediation process and develop the confidence to perform as a mediator in a two-person dispute.

Course Outline

  • Understand the mediation process
  • Recognise core values in mediation and conflict intervention
  • Develop analytical skills for assessing conflict situations
  • Recognise cases suitable for mediation
  • Develop appropriate skills for intervening in conflict
  • Mediation and negotiation skills


What does the training involve?

This five day course will involve participants exploring their relationship to conflict. They will have the opportunity to reflect on and develop skills to enable them to respond to the different needs of the participants involved. The participants will be guided through a range of mediation processes that will assist those in the conflict gain greater understanding of others position. The course will also explore the need for negotiation, what is involved and how to reach an acceptable win/win situation.


*Accreditation is available through Open College Network. To achieve accreditation participants must attend all sessions and submit a learning portfolio.



6 days accredited OCN Level 2 (6 credits.)

Mediation and Negotiation Skills for FGC Co-ordinators – Accredited

As above but specifically for Family Group Conference and Restorative conference co-ordinators