Handling and Mediating Work place Conflict

Mediation for Managers

This five day course (six days if you have not completed the Handling Conflict course) emphasises the importance of rebuilding relationships, as well as achieving practical and robust outcomes for managers when dealing with work place conflict. Participants will learn how to: assess the conflict, prepare the participants, structure a mediation meeting, move the parties from entrenchment to agreement, manage emotions and to explore positions, assumptions and agreements. 


Course content will include:

  • Understand the ethos and values of mediation
  • Understand the structure of mediation and how the process works
  • Recognise how mediation can be used, and how it fits with other procedures
  • Be skilful at creating a safe environment for constructive dialogue
  • Understand the importance of impartiality and how to demonstrate and sustain it
  • Maximise the participation of all the parties in the process
  • Encourage the disputants to adopt a win/win approach to their dispute
  • Manage the mediation process with fairness and dignity for all
  • Manage the content of a mediated dispute
  • Conduct the mediation process in line with the needs of the parties
  • Assisting parties to communicate constructively
  • Building agreement in a range of disputes
  • Manage the mediation process with appropriate control and safety
  • Work in an anti-discriminatory way and mediate effectively any power imbalances or oppressive behaviour


This course is accredited by Open College Network at Level 2