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  • Restorative Justice Consortium

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  • Youth Conference Service Northern Ireland

    The Youth Conference Service is the first dedicated Restorative Justice service in the UK. To find out about their work with young offenders, their ethos and updates on their progress click on

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  • Rethinking Crime and Punishment

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  • Prisoners Education Trust

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  • Restorative Justice in policing

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  • SACRO - Restorative Justice in Scotland

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  • The forgiveness Project

    The forgiveness Project an organisation working with grassroots projects in the fields of conflict resolution, reconciliation and victim support.

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  • Transforming Conflict

    Transforming Conflict is a national centre for restorative approaches in education.

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  • Insight Prison Project

    Insight Prison Project, where we transform the lives of those impacted by incarceration through programs designed to develop behavior inspired by insight, accountability and compassion and grounded in a restorative justice philosophy.
    Insight Prison Project has been on a mission to foster insight and lasting behavioral change by providing rehabilitative tools to prisoners in California correctional systems. IPP’s programs are conducted by crime victims, community volunteers and prisoners themselves – a rare and effective response to our statewide prison crisis and to the needs of prisoners, parolees, crime survivors, correctional staff and our California communities.

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