NetCare provide a range of services to help resolve conflict in the work place. With over 20 years’ experience in the public sector we are best placed to assess, plan and implement a way forward.

Workplace and Employment Mediation

NetCare are the only mediation service that specialises in social care mediation in Ireland and the UK.

Unresolved conflict costs a lot more than just money (estimated to be 8 billion £ per year). Our workplace mediation services resolve complex and challenging disputes between individuals. We work with the individual parties to establish their underlying needs and interests, we encourage dialogue and ultimately, facilitate an agreed resolution.

In most cases the mediation lasts for one full day however on occasions dialogue may take up to two days depending on how entrenched the conflict is.  Experience has shown us that entrenched positions can be adopted when problems are overlooked or inflamed, whereas a fully trained and skilled mediator can help your employees move towards a more constructive and satisfactory resolution.

What issues are suitable for mediation?

Serious disagreements between staff, allegations of bullying or other unacceptable behaviour, change management issues, individual and collective employment disputes are just some of the areas we can help with.

“I used to dread driving to work. I would get knots in my stomach and at times was physically sick before leaving the house. That doesn’t happen anymore. The mediation really helped and my relationship has really improved with my line manager”

Social Worker, Child Care Team, Northern Ireland

Resolving Team Disputes

Disruptive, dysfunctional and damaging conflict can occur within a team of any size at any time (and sometimes with no obvious warning). The impact of this breakdown can include,

  • Increased stress
  • Increased sickness 
  • Reduced morale
  • Reduced productivity and profitability


NetCare offers a whole team dispute resolution package to assist individuals process the conflict before bringing them together to discuss their experiences and views and to plan for the future.

Our team of mediators are highly trained and experienced in

  • Managing complex and diverse groups
  • Advanced facilitation, negotiation and problem solving skills
  • Respectful communication 
  • Strategic change management.

Team mediation is a specialist and advanced area of expertise. We have been providing mediators in team disputes for over ten years and our team mediators are highly skilled at engaging the parties into the process; spotting problems before they occur and resolving problems quickly when they do.

“The two days where the most useful I have been involved in. This team was so fragmented. They refused to work with management and the in fighting was tearing it apart. I couldn’t keep staff. One year on I can say that sickness levels have decreased significantly and the team have been more settled than ever before.”

Service manager – First contact child care team, Greater London

"We had two teams refusing to work with each other. After just one day together they realised that their goals are the same and everyone has an equally important role to play in the protection of children".

Director of Children's Services - West Midlands 

"The day was pitched at the right level which provided a safe environment for people to explore what had been very difficult issues".

Director of Children's Services - Milton Keynes


The following accredited mediation training courses are suitable for anyone who interfaces with the public, in management or who wishes to develop a career in mediation. Separate course designs are available for Social Workers, Social Care Staff, Human Resources, Employee Relations and Complaints Officers.  Each course is individually designed to reflect the skills base, experience, roles and areas of responsibility of each group.

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