Mediation for Social Care Staff

Social Workers are often on the front line of conflict. Their everday work involves dealing with and resolving conflict, negotiating agreements and mediating truces between family members. So why is it that only 2% of Social Care workers have taking part in skills training in this area?

Research has shown that better outcomes for families and fewer family break downs and reception into care can be acheived if a worker has had training in mediation and negotiating.

NetCare have developed a training mediation programme by Social Care Workers for Social Care Workers. This five day accredited course/Four day non accredited, is run in two blocks (3 day + 2 day) and is specifically designed for workers on the front line.

Course content includes:

  • Family dynamics, conflict and the possibility of shift
  • Understanding the mediation process
  • Negotiating acceptable outcomes
  • Recognising and working with the core values in mediation and conflict intervention
  • Develop analytical skills for assessing conflict situations
  • Recognise cases suitable for mediation
  • Develop appropriate skills for intervening in conflict
  • Mediation and negotiation skills

This course combines the best of Social Care practice with the best of Mediation practice and is suitable for anyone who works with families, young people and children including: Social Workers, Community Workers, Housing Officers, Family Group Conference Co-ordinators etc