Mediation for Family Group Conference Co-ordinators

Mediation Skills Training for Family Group Conference Co-ordinators

Next course will be run in East Devon, October 2017 


This three day accredited course is specifically designed for FGC Co-ordinatators.

Why mediation?

Co-ordinators often find themselves struggling to break through a difficult family dispute resulting in a FGC not reaching the conference stage. Research has shown that FGC Co-ordinators trained in mediation are more likely to succeed in bringing the family together for a conference.

Some families do not need a FGC! It might be the wrong approach at that given time. To run an FGC because it is all that can be offered is not treating families with the respect they deserve. It is doing TO rather than WITH. It meets the agency needs rather than the family/child's needs. In fact everything FGC has highlighted in the past as poor practice.

Projects that have trained in mediation have found that they are more able to provide an appropriate response to the child and family's needs and have had a greater success in family breakdown. 

Course content includes:

  • Family dynamics, conflict and the possibility of shift
  • Understanding the mediation process
  • Negotiating acceptable outcomes
  • Recognising and working with the core values in mediation and conflict intervention
  • Develop analytical skills for assessing conflict situations
  • Recognise cases suitable for mediation
  • Develop appropriate skills for intervening in conflict
  • Mediation and negotiation skills

This course combines the best of Social Care practice with the best of Mediation practice and is the only mediation course designed specifically for Family Group Conference Co-ordinators. 

Cost: £490

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