Restorative Justice Facilitators Course

Restorative Justice Facilitators Course 

(OCN Accredited or non-accredited)*

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3 Day Conference Facilitation Training-

TheBalanced Model                                                                                                                                             

The balanced model incorporates the value of meeting the needs of those harmed, the person who has caused the harm and the community which has been affected. Our Restorative Justice Conference Facilitation training will enable delegates to build the necessary skills to use in a formal restorative justice conference facilitation with an offender and victim present. We explore the benefits restorative language and how a shared vocabulary can build communication skills. Delegates will be guided through the process from referral/preparation through to the formal conference and planning stage. There will also be an opportunity to explore the use of restorative circles and informal restorative dialogue when working with Youth at Risk. During the training we will consider:

Course Content

  • Preparing the conference participants
  • Victim, Offender, Community involvement
  • Facilitating a conference
  • Understanding the conference dynamic
  • Handling difficult conversations, emotions and responses
  • Reaching an outcome with balance, fairness and power

Also included is:

  • Restorative language
  • Restorative circles
  • Developing emotional literacy, responsibility, empathy and accountability

Length of training: Three days 

Course Content: Understanding of Restorative Practice Interventions, the history, philosophy, changing establishment ethos, introducing the concept into practice and the skills to facilitate Restorative meetings with or without the victims being present.

*Accreditaion: Open College Network is an adult education provider. The course is accredited at level 2, 6 credits.

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