The 4th International Family Group Conference Conference - Devon

17 September 2012

South West Family Group Conference Forum


17th to 18th September 2012 The Riviera Centre, Torquay

This independently run conference has been the highlight of practitioners and managers from across the UK and Ireland since their first conference back in 2000.
What's different about this conference are the speakers and workshop presenters who are encouraged to bring new and innovative ideas to this two day gathering. This year the organisers are widening the 'goal posts' to include practices not traditionally associated with FGC but have that link of involving the voice of the child or family.

Speakers include:

Conference chair - Jim McGrath (Netcare)

Judge Nick Crichton & colleague - ‘The drug and alcohol court’

Judge Nick Crichton has won a number of accolades in recognition of his efforts setting up the UK's first family drug and alcohol court (FDAC). Since 2009, the court, the only one of its kind, has heard around 150 cases where parents who are seriously addicted to drugs or alcohol are in danger of having their children taken into care. Around two-thirds of care cases in England and Wales involve parental addiction. For more information see the article publish in the Guardian: nicholas-crichton-judge-family-man

Tracey Hill ‘Signs of safety’  

Signs of Safety is an innovative strengths-based, safety-organised approach to child protection casework, created in Western Australia. The model is an approach created by practitioners, based on what they know works with difficult cases.

Rob Van Pagee Director Eigen Kracht CentraleHolland – ‘FGC/EK-c Less tears, less costs

Nigel Richardson - Director of Children’s Services Leeds council

 ‘The challenge for local authorities, safeguarding boards, directors of children’s services, for lead members and for politicians within local areas is to be brave enough to clarify a vision, simplify it, stick with what works and be brave enough to stop doing the things that perhaps do not work.’ 

Professor Peter Marsh and Kate Morris - Nottingham University

‘The use of family decision making: the challenges for research and evaluation’.

 Family Rights Group - ‘Ensuring quality: Establishing a framework for the accreditation of FGC services’

 Plus the voices from family memebers and young people


Workshop topics:

Advocacy for children 

Restorative Parenting – The missing piece in restorative approaches

Using FGC to address abuse of vulnerable adults

FGCs as a response to the Family Justice Review

Worth the investment in FGC?

Mediation – an essential skill for FGC Co-ordinators

Family judgments to end family care

Using FGCs to help families address domestic abuse/violence 

How safe is your FGC?

Talking about the upsetting things

The FGC Model – fiction or fact in practice, how can we be sure we are practicing ethically ?


Believe us this is not a conference you want to miss.....for more information click on conference