Training for Trainers - Restorative Parenting Course -

Restorative Parenting Programme ©

A dedicated *accredited training programme for parents in the art restorative approaches at home and in the community.

Topics include:

  • Relationship and responses to conflict
  • Parenting styles
  • Child development
  • Family systems
  • Handling conflict positively
  • Restorative approaches in the home and community

*Accreditation is through Open College Network at level 2


Background: This course was developed and has run in Dublin, Ireland since 2010. Parents are referred through the; school, community groups, Local Authority or recommendations from other parents.

It is now run in centres from Donegal to Wexford in Ireland, in Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Wokingham and in 22 regions in Wales.

We believe: That the wisdom and experience of the group is much greater than the facilitators and should be harnessed as an effective tool for learning.

Parents who have taken part in the course should be given an opportunity to train as trainers and become restorative advocates.

What they say: “Their self-confidence, engagements with sensitive issues and their ability to identify changes and developments in their own learning and development was a joy to hear”. Dr Derek Wilson, Evaluation 2012

On conflict:

“I used to blame my children all the time, now I think about how I might have contributed”.

I am now able to stand back and take some space before getting into a conflict situation with my child”.

“I have less anger and conflict with my children now”.

 “I listen more to other views”.

 On relationships:

 “I sit more with my child and spend time with him”.

“I plan family days out now and look forward to them”.

“There is more talk between us about positive parenting”.

"I have a great relationship now with my kids’ teachers”.

“We are no longer alone coming to this school.”

 On Education:

“My house is now a more educationally switched on house”.

“We are now interested in education-we have something to offer”.

“There is a higher attendance now from our kids”.

 On themselves:

“I have started a ‘back to work course”.

“I express my views openly now and am not afraid or embarrassed so easily as before”.

 “I have experienced real change in me since coming to this group”.

On the future:

“I want to be a facilitator so that I can teach other parents in the community”

“Four of us have started a course on Restorative Justice”.

“I’m starting a course in graphic design”.



NetCare are run a series of 3 day training for trainers’ courses throughout the year in Ireland and the UK. 

Following this training you can become a licensed trainer (no annual fee) and run the NetCare Restorative Parenting (Accredited) Course for parents. The training consists of a break down of course content and theory, training manual, materials needed for the course, facilitation skills, the license procedure and accreditation processes for parents including how to register individuals, support their portfolio work and submission of work to Open College Network.


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