Restorative Practices

NetCare have been at the forefront of Restorative Practices for almost 20 years. We were the first to introduce this approach into schools in Ireland both North and South of the border. We have worked with Youth Offending Teams in England, Scotland and Ireland since 2001 and our Restorative Community  Programme has been implemented throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our Restorative Social Work Course© is the only course to have been written specifically for Social Workers by Social Workers and is considered to be best practice by the Social Care council. We have also introduced Restorative Mediation Practices© a training programme that merges restorative practices with mediation techniques and skills.

We have assisted organisations, neighbourhoods and communities develop processes, programmes and systems to assist more effective service delivery through consultation, training and service evaluation. We have also provided teams with Good Relations, Restorative Justice and Family Group Conference training.

Training courses include:

  • Restorative Social Work©
  • Restorative Parenting©
  • Restorative Mediation©
  • Restorative practices for Family Group Conference co-ordinators
  • Introduction to Restorative Practices
  • Consultancy on Restorative Practices in the context of your environment
  • Family Group Conference Co-ordinators Course
  • Introduction to Family Group Conference
  • Consultancy on Family Group Conference in the context of your environment


NetCare has developed several successful programmes with Education Authorities and individual schools in Ireland and the UK. These programmes have helped to address issues of conflict within the school setting, bullying and problems with pupil attendance. NetCare was also the first to introduce Restorative Practices into schools in Ireland. They have constantly reviewed and updated their school training for staff and pupils.

These programmes have proven to:

  • Reduce conflict and exclusions by as much as 60%
  • Reduce assaults on staff
  • Increase attendance levels by 62%
  • Create a more harmonious school environment
  • Effectively tackle bullying
  • Build a strategic approach to problem solving
  • Develop young people’s social skills

Restorative Approaches in Schools

Our Clients have included:

Southend Local Education Authority. Southern Education and Library Board, Northern Ireland. Belfast Education Library Board, Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education. North Western Health Promotion Service (Bullying Programme). Department of Education, England. Department of Education, Ireland. School Completion Programme, Dundalk and Dublin. Youth Reach, Ireland. Southern Partnership Programme, Dublin and individual schools throughout the UK and Ireland. 

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Community Restorative Practices

Community Restorative Justice and Practices is an alternative way for communities to engage with eachother, Local Authorities and to respond and mobilise to issues impacting on their neighbourhood such as:  conflict, unacceptable misbehaviour, anti-social behaviour and wrongdoing within their locality. It provides a voice for all those affected and to those that want to play a part in their community.

Based on traditional practices from around the world including; Maori (NZ) Family Group Conference model, First Native American community circlesSamoan talking and listening circles, it allows everyone to be part of the solution and seeks to minimise the intervention of 'outside' or professional assistance. It seeks to build on community relations. Building a cohesive, healthy and inclusive community.

NetCare provide training and support for communities and organisations who would like to use this approach in their area. We are cureently facilitating community forums in the UK and Ireland supporting communities with tackling, gun crime, gangs, redevelopment and anti-social behaviour.

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Restorative Practices For Parents© 

NetCare have long thought that parents and community members should have the training and knowledge associated with RP. We piloted our first Restorative Parenting Course in 2010 and have continued to deliver training to parents and facilitators since. 

The course is non licensed and designed to support existing parenting programmes such as the Triple P and Incredible Years. We have parents courses running in Donegal, Limerick, Dublin, Norfolk, Oxfordshire and in 22 regions in Wales. 

To read more and enquire about our facilitators course click on PARENT 

Norfolk Restorative Practices evaluation 2011-2012