About Us

NetCare have been at the forefront of connecting people in families, communities and workplace using Person Centred practices such as; Family Group Conference, Restorative Approaches, Mediation and community and neighbourhood dispute resolution for over 25 years.

Our associates, practitioners, trainers and consultants have at least 20 years’ experience each in their chosen field of expertise. We provide training, consultancy, project evaluation, project and staff development and research.

Our team are made up of practitioners, managers and trainers and are spread throughout Ireland and the UK. We collaborate with over 15 associates and organisations, delivering training throughout Europe and the US.


Jim McGrath founded NetCare in 2000. He has almost forty years’ experience in Social Work, Education, Youth Offending and Health. He set up NetCare to promote and develop relational approaches when working with client groups so that practitioners and organisations can support authentic and meaningful involvement in major decision-making processes.

NetCare are passionately committed to the principles associated with these processes, believing people need to be more actively involved in decision-making and problem solving. Jim has presented keynote speeches, workshops and training on his work to international audiences in Ireland, UK, Europe and New Zealand. He has also written articles and contributed to numerous professional journals and books.

NetCare are widely known for their expert and high-quality provision in training, consultancy and external supervision.

Some of our client partners

We have worked with Local Authorities in the UK, Ireland and NI including; Leeds, Wokingham, Norfolk, Essex County Council, Plymouth, Torbay, Reading, Hampshire, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Barking and Dagenham, Brent, Skirmsdale, Liverpool, Tameside, Stockport, Southend, Milton Keynes, Glasgow, Ayrshire, Wolverhampton LA, Dudley, Newry & Mourne, Newtownards, Banbridge..and every HSE in Ireland

What does NetCare do?

  • Training
  • Consultancy
  • Practice
  • Evaluations